IATI Datastore API

Version 3 of the IATI Datastore API was released on 11 January 2022. The Datastore offers robust access to development and humanitarian data published according to the IATI Standard.

Access IATI Datastore version 3 API
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Other ways to access IATI data

  • IATI Datastore Classic

    Tool supported by IATI

    Access the original version of the IATI Datastore. Search data by a set of key filters and download activities with all data fields in .xml and .json formats, or with a subset of data fields in .csv. Technical note: all API calls to iatidatastore.iatistandard.org are now redirected to the Datastore v3 API.

  • Country Development Finance Data tool

    Tool managed by IATI

    Access Excel-formatted data on projections and spending by country or region. Data and guidance is available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, with resource flows available in USD, Euro, and each country's local currency.

  • d-portal

    Tool managed by IATI

    Search for activities by a key set of filters and view visualisations of data in charts, graphs and maps.

  • iati.cloud

    Tool managed by Zimmerman

    This tool is no longer managed by IATI and may not have the same services as previously listed.

For additional support in determining which data access tool best meets your needs and for help with accessing, understanding, or analysing IATI data, please email IATI’s Helpdesk: [email protected].