We’re on the move...

Alternatives for accessing IATI data in the meantime

As part of important work to upgrade and integrate the IATI Datastore into IATI’s new unified single platform, the Datastore API and Query Builder are currently unavailable (as of 1 July) on iatidatastore.iatistandard.org/. The upgrade and integration work is taking place during the quieter summer months and is due to be completed before the end of the year.

While we carry out this work, users can access IATI data using the following options:

  • IATI Datastore Classic: Access the original version of the IATI Datastore. Search data by a set of key filters and download activities with all data fields in .xml and .json formats, or with a subset of data fields in .csv. Technical note: all API calls to iatidatastore.iatistandard.org are now redirected to IATI Datastore Classic.
    (Tool supported by IATI)

  • Country Development Finance Data tool: Access Excel-formatted data on projections and spending by country or region.
    (Tool managed by IATI)

  • d-portal: Search for activities by a key set of filters and view visualisations of data in charts, graphs and maps.
    (Tool managed by IATI)

  • iati.cloud: This Datastore is no longer managed by IATI. It is now maintained externally and may not have the same services as offered previously here.
    (Tool managed by Zimmerman)

For support in determining which data access tool best meets your needs and for help with accessing, understanding, or analysing IATI data, please email IATI’s Helpdesk: [email protected].